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Our Community

Confectionery has been manufactured at our Oamaru factory site for nearly 70 years and we have a well established, valued relationship with our community. The Kiwi attitude of giving back and getting stuck in is one of the amazing attributes that make our country great, and so our team are proud supporters of volunteer groups and their endeavours within both our local community and across New Zealand.

Fundraising Discount for Non-Profit Organisations & Schools

We love supporting fundraising efforts and understand that every group will have a different approach as to how they do this.

Let us help you achieve your fundraising goals by enjoying a 10% DISCOUNT on products from our range.  Choose from our recommended Fundraising Lollies by clicking on the link below or pick your own confectionery selection for your Quiz Night raffle or School Fete stall!

Tell us all about your fundraising goal by emailing (the 0 in rainb0w is the number zero) and let's see if we can help with a special discount code for you to use when you make your purchase at our Factory Shop or Online Shop.

Oamaru Santa Parade

A highlight of the year for young and old alike, the annual Santa parade is a celebration of the diversity within our community. As well as supporting other groups, we like to join in the fun and spread some Rainbow Christmas cheer.

Giant Easter Egg Hunt of Oamaru

As it's title indicates this annual Easter event sees 700 people enjoying a fun community family day. As the makers of New Zealand's favourite marshmallow eggs we love helping out with a good ol' game of hide and seek!

Camp Quality

Camp Quality believes in the power of fun to help children and their families overcome the challenges that living with cancer can bring, and every year there are programmes across the country that allow them to "just be kids". We are proud to support the power of fun.

Kids Fishing Day

This annual event is all about family, fishing and the great outdoors! Whatever the weather, the anticipation of catching a fish brings kids back year after year and we are proud to support the stories of "the one that got away".

School Fairs, Quiz Night and Auction Fundraisers

School groups, sports teams, community groups. They all know the hard work and effort that goes into fundraising events. We like to do our bit to help because it's always a treat when you spot some of your favourite confectionery in your raffle prize!